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WE Make Funding Available Now!

You already know there is funding available for STEM/STEAM, but do you know where those funds are located? We made it simple for you by using resources that we have received for schools over the years. Like our new recent 2019 STEM/STEAM Program at Southside High School of Selma, which was partially funded by the AAEI Program Alabama State Art of the Arts.

We have all kinds of ways to make this experience simple and less stressful. We will hold your hands all the way through from the beginning until the grand opening ribbon cutting. We will start construction even before the first payment to build trust in our partnership. 


MADD STUDIOS LLC, Secure Payment Plan

Our new payment plan will help you get the ball rolling TODAY and help you spread the cost over several years

Would you like a Funding Specialist to setup a call today?

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