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We are not your common success story but MADD STUDIOS, LLC. has a pretty solid foundation.

We originally started as one of the new and premier programs under our non profit Tailor Made Leadership Academy, Inc. This program was designed to offer S.T.E.A.M. based educational programs with a emphasis on technology. Since we are all Professional Corporate Instructional Designers and self taught Graphic Artist and musicians we decided to expose the young minds to recording, music production, gaming (Esports), graphic deign for websites and mobile app UI/UX. We had no earthly ideal that this concept would grow legs and take off like it did, but it did indeed take off! Amongst the rural community our first two projects caught fire and word of mouth spread faster than we could 

ever dream. Five years later and we have three full functioning high-end professional recording studios in a high school, middle school and private company locations. 

Receiving an initial grant from the Alabama department of Education, not once but thrice-times to build our studio models in local public schools convinced us we had something valuable on our hands. When the Director of the Alabama Department of Varsity Sports and Athletics heard wind of our buzz and how we were making in extra curriculum program for after school with a STEAM model.

He decided to make a trip to our studios and see for himself.

Immediately was amazed! "His Words" and he introduced us to Esports.

The rest is history, as they say....

So... we decided to take this program and make it a profitable business, MADD STUDIOS, LLC.

Still working as independent contractors in the professional corporate learning Engineers we noticed the impact COVID-19 had on the training industry and how the demand for virtual training was in high pursuits for talents such as ours. We decided to organize our team and market ourselves as industry leaders in the Professional Training space with emphasis on using e-learning, virtual reality and gaming virtual environments to create engaging high quality training for companies and our new clients.

Now we have scaled to a full service professional training development organization with our new products and services from our NEW themed roles known as "Learning Engineers," pretty cool name right? We now design and build our clients Metaverse environments and Virtual Reality environments for their current and new training programs using eLearning publishing and gaming development tech.

This new market has totally set us apart from the competition and has given us a solid platform to scale our staff and sales team to serve the new world of remote corporate demand.

"Oh, and we are really really nice and good people."


Exhorting innovation technology to improve the lives of everyone.

Our Mission of achieving this vision is to...


Provide Professional Development to  show educators the benefits of implementing technology in education.


Guiding Educators to understand the process to reach the desired goal for technology implementation.


Give, show and create with 

Educators the tools to implement technology in education.

AGAIN! We know your struggles...

It can be frustrating working as a content developer or a 

Instructional Designer in today's market for software curriculum.


We decided to do something different. We are all former instructional designers, corporate trainers Visual Effects Designers, Metaverse environment designers and Tech educators with one common problem.

"Our deliverables are restricted and our creativity is limited by technology our management provides us."

Sounds about right? Well... we decided to do something about it and developed a solution.


Want to learn more about that solution tell us what you need below...

It only takes 2 minutes!

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